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November 2008
The Foden Society AGM


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     All the way from York,  
    Jim Beresfords superb 
        six wheeler.

    This Cummins M11 Powered XL
    is still working hard for a living.
    This week has included 9 drops
    of carpet underlay from Bacup.
   Another lorry still earning its keep
  is this Perkins powered 4000 Series.
     I think I have seen it pulling
           a brick trailer?
    Although Charlie Bowyers S80 has appeared on
    the site several times before, I am an S80 nut
                         so here it is again !!
       John Sandersons
  1959 S20 cabbed heavy
 haulage unit was probably
       one of the most
    interesting exhibits at
             the AGM

  Complete with an
Ex-minesweeper Foden two stroke diesel engine

Beautifully preserved Gardner powered S20
All too soon it was time to head  
                  for home.                 

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