Members Gallery
May 2008
Mr Brian Mayhead of Holsworthy Devon has provided a members gallery with a difference this month.
Not only has he sent in the photos but also a request for help and information on some of his projects. 




















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 "I saved this S36 from the cutting man's torch. as you can see its an ex Redland S36 fitted with a Electric Hydraulic HUGO crane. I would like any information on the crane."
























" This now makes 6 oldish Fodens I have to restore & I must say I find it difficult on my own, now my health is not to good. If there is any Foden enthusiasts out there that could give me some help it would be much appreciated. Another pair of hands really could make all the differnce."  Thanks Brian Mayhead.



If you would like your photographs featured in the Members Gallery please e-mail with your name and membership number.  

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