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March 2008

Foden Society Archive Officer Marjorie Bell has selected some of her favorite pictures for this months Members Gallery. They have certainly got me yearning for the summer and the start of the rally season.

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Ackworth 2006

A very purposeful looking S39 Loaded with coils at Smallwood in 2006

In my humble opinion I think this is without doubt the best Members gallery photo we have had on the site so far.

This 1930's R type was also seen at
Smallwood in 2006

St Agnes 2006

This 15 / 17 dumper would be designated FL when powered by Leyland and FC when powered by Cummins  rated @ 190 & 212 BHP respectevly. Both would have driven through a Foden 12 speed box.

            Gaydon 2007
      No introduction necessary
     for this former eight wheeler.

Another purposeful looking eight wheeler at Smallwood in 2006.

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